The Magic Of Modvigil At Half The Price Of Modalert

The Magic Of Modvigil At Half The Price Of Modalert

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Modvigil is as good as the modalert 200mg drug; and what is more? It is sold for half the price of modalert! The difference between modvigil and modalert has to do with the price, the manufacturers as well as consumer preference. Many users who consume modafinil buy online at any online drug stores.

While modalert is manufactured by the Sun Pharmaceuticals, modvigil is manufactured by the HAB Pharmaceuticals (a very renowned and trustworthy manufacturer in India that specializes in manufacturing semi-branded, branded, as well as quality generic applications).

Although the HAB Pharmaceuticals may not be a big company as the Sun Pharmaceuticals, lots of users still attest to the quality and effectiveness of modvigil. Some consumers even favour modvigil over modalert as regards quality and effectiveness. It all comes down to a matter of a consumer’s choice. The advice here is that you have to try out the drug to know if it suits you.


It is not a case where we are comparing Nike and Adidas. Simply put, modalert is a branded super drug manufactured by the Sun Pharmaceuticals, while modvigil is only a generic modafinil drug manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals.

The only major difference between the two drugs is the manufacturers, with only a slight difference in the quality and the scale of production. To get more thoughts about the product, you can search for modafinil 200mg reddit to read some reviews about the product.


Each modvigil tablet is encased in a very flexible perforated plastic blister. This is so as to keep the tablets safe, fresh, and have a prolonged shelf life.


First time consumers are advised to start out with 100mg instead of the 200mg dose contained in each tablet. All they have to do is to split the tablet into halves of 100mg each. A 100mg dose should be enough to do the trick and fill you with the needed revitalization and boost of energy you sought after, and you can now go through the day feeling supercharged.

For long time users, it is advised they consume the full tablet of 200mg so as to derive the maximum benefits modvigil has to offer. Regular consumers also have to consume a 200mg tablet to derive the fullest satisfaction from the drug. The benefits of the drug include: improved focus and alertness, cognitive enhancement, etc.

It is recommended that first time consumers of the drug and consumers who are experiencing shift work disorder should not consume more than 100mg each day. The drug should be consumed not earlier or later than an hour before the time of the target activity.

For consumers with narcolepsy, 200mg should just be fine to do the work. However, care must be taken by consumers not to go above the 200mg (1 tablet).


Not later than 24 hours after the confirmation of payment, the drug will be quickly shipped to the desired destination, to be received by the buyer within 7 to 14 days from the day of shipment. Any major credit card is accepted for payment.

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