Sugar Scrubs – Health spa Therapy For Pretty Ft

Sugar Scrubs – Health spa Therapy For Pretty Ft

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Have you got hard, cracked heels and dry ft? You could have soft, pretty ft within ten minutes having a sugar scrub treatment that relaxes and relieves stress when you massage your ft. Sugar scrubs are natural health spa therapy products with effective and efficient exfoliation qualities. Sugar contains natural alpha hydroxy acids that dissolve dried-out skin while sugar granules polish, for ft that feel luxuriously smooth and soft. The additional bonus of the feet health spa treatment methods are the comfort and to reduce stress you’ll experience while you massage your ft. Massaging the ft helps you to relieve stress, enabling you to feel comfortable and refreshed.

By having an investment of approximately ten minutes, this feet health spa treatment will help you to “place your best feet forward”, with ft that feel happy and you’re proud to show. And, men take advantage of this feet treatment nearly as much as women. Ridding the ft of hardened dried-out skin makes ft feel surprisingly relaxed and comfy.

You’ll need:

– Natural Sugar Scrub – Pick a natural sugar scrub that contains granulated sugar or cane sugar and soap or foaming cleanser to become best in softening and polishing ft. The scrub must contain pure sugar to let you feel the alpha hydroxy acidity effect that dissolves dry, hardened, and flaky skin.

– Moisturizer – Wealthy body butters and creams perform best. Search for body butters and creams which contain skin oils including shea butter, olive, soybean and sunflower oils. These skin oils absorb into skin to moisturize and condition ft to avoid dryness.

Sugar Scrub Health spa Treatment – For Dry Ft and Heels

#1. Exfoliate. Apply in regards to a quarter size quantity of sugar scrub and massage into ft after some water to operate into creamy lather. Massage ft for around 2 minutes. Rinse.

#2. Dry. Dry ft completely with towel.

#3. Moisturize. Apply body butter or body cream, and massage into ft. It is crucial to moisturize ft after exfoliation, after shower or bath, to condition skin and safeguard against dryness.

With respect to the quantity of dried-out skin around the ft, exfoliation with a decent quality natural sugar scrub, adopted by the use of a wealthy, creamy, moisturizing butter may solve the issue of cracked heels and dry ft using the first treatment. Otherwise, still exfoliate with this particular sugar scrub treatment following with moisturizer a couple of times each week, until ft are smooth and soft.

This feet massage treatment could keep your ft feeling baby soft and searching great!

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